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Rules and Regulations


1. The pitching is strictly lob pitch. No speed at all on the pitch. The arc is 6-10 feet from the ground. An illegal pitch will be called if either the pitch is too high or too fast. All illegal pitches are a ball no pitch.

2. Rosters are open. However all players will be required to sign the roster sheet which must be returned after the first game. A player may only play for one team during the course of the season. Violation of this will result in team forfeits. You must have 9 players to begin or continue play in this league. There must at all times be 4 female players on the field. If only 3 females are present, they must all be in the field and you can then only have 9 players in the field. You may bat up to 12 players. The 10th thru 12th players may be added to the lineup as they arrive. When batting 11 or 12 players , you may never bat more than 7 males totally. You must have played in 10 regular season games to play in the playoffs. No metal spikes and the penalty is ejection.

3. Game results: are to be e-mailed into the league office by 9pm. Winning team only must e-mail. Standings and game results will posted daily on the website.

4. Bases are 65 feet. Each team must have bases.

5. Inclement weather format: A decision on rainouts is not made in most cases until 4pm unless weather is obviously very bad. Team manager only must call the league office number 732-297-2307 only for update and status. An update will also appear on the website if possible. No other parties are to call the league office at any time. If there is no message stating the game is cancelled, consider the game on!! All makeup games will be posted on the website. An e-mail will also be sent notifying you that the makeups have been posted.

6. If a male batter is walked intentional or not and a female is batting next, the female is also walked. The female does has the option to hit however.

7. At the pre-game captains meeting, the umpire will be paid $20 from each team. The game shall not start until this is done. At this point also, each team will present one dudley sb12RF softball. This is the only ball to be used. Note: during the first few weeks of the season, some umpires may be coming from high school games. The game should be started by 6:30 regardless. Report any consistently late umpire to the league office.

8. Any ejected player will be automatically suspended for the next game the team plays. If a second offense occurs, the player is suspended indefinetly pending a decision by the executive committee of the league.

9. If a player is ejected, becomes injured or has to leave early and there is no replacement, an out will result every time that players spot comes up in the lineup. You may never play with less than 9 players.

10. Coin toss determines home team in first meeting. 2nd meeting in regular season the opposite team is home.

11. You may flip-flop the dh with any fielder during the game. The batting order may never change. A fielder does not have to hit during the game as a dh may be used in his spot.

12. Each team is allowed one courtesy runner per game it is always the last out wherever it occurs on the field. Any additional runners should be agreed upon before the game.

13. The 12 run rule is in effect after 4 Ĺ or 5 innings. However, the trailing team must always bat if home.

14. With 2 strikes, the batter is out if they hit a foul ball.

15. Game time is 6:30 sharp. Forfeit time is 6:45. Any team forfeiting 2 games will be expelled. Both teams must pay the full fee in a forfeit situation. This will be strictly enforced.

16. When a baseman is in possession of the ball and is ready to make a play on a runner, that runner must slide or avoid contact. If there is flagrant contact, not only will an out be awarded but the player will be ejected from the game. (a double play could also be awarded) Pleae keep in mind that a defensive player may never block the base without the ball and at no time fake a tag. A fake tag is obstruction and additional bases can be awarded.

17. Protests may only be made on an incorrect interpretation of the rules. Judgement calls stand and are not protestable. All protests must be sent via e-mail within 24 hours. All regular appeal plays are done verbally as per ASA rules.

18. Uniform shirts are required.

19. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden at all times at any game conducted by this league. Your team will be automatically expelled and forfeit all fees. Bergen County is very strict about this and I refuse to lose my permits over stupidity. Immediately upon conclusion of game, leave the field and leave it neat!!!!! If you witness anyone not adhering to this important policy, please contact the league office at once.

20. A game must go 4 Ĺ innings to be official. Any game stopped before this point will be replayed in itís entirety. (including playoffs) After this point the game is official and over during regular season and picked up from the point during playoff games. Once a game is started (one pitch thrown) the umpire keeps his full fee. Should a game be cancelled at the site before it starts, each team shall pay the umpire $5 travel fee so he gets $10 for coming out.

21. All other rules not specifically mentioned herein, are governed by ASA rules.

22. Bergen Batting Center in River Edge, has the official league ball (dudley sb12RF) and offers A-Flight teams discounts on balls and all other equipment and services.

23. Playoffs: All teams will make the playoffs. The first rounds are single elimination and the semiís and finals are best of three. The league champion and second place league teams will receive a team trophy. The playoff champs will receive a team trophy and championship t-shirts. The playoff runner-up will receive a team trophy.

24. Legal and Illegal Bats: All Miken Bats are not allowed in this league and any Non-Approved ASA bats off the 2012 ASA bat list are not allowed. Any bat painted over or doctored in any way is not allowed. If you are found to have used an illegal bat it is an automatic out and you are ejected from the game.


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